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Easter Series Maundy Thursday

Easter last supper 2015This is the first of the series I created in 2015.. I was reflecting on Matthew 26. Here at the table were Jesus closest disciples. There was such a mixed experience, some angry that he wasn’t being the Messiah they were hoping for , some just overwhelming love. Here at this table was friendship and comradery a great festivity, no one knew really what was to come.. Notice the bowl of water preset from the washing of the feet, if you want to be great you must serve. Judas has already made up his mind and is leaving the room.

I wonder where I would have sat and what would have been going on for me? Would I be close to Jesus or far away only just making it to the table, would I be mad at the waste, or generous doing all I could for Jesus or would I just be getting on with enjoying a meal with my closest companions totally unaware of all  the dynamics around the table, or have I already made up my mind of what I think should happen and are in the process of leaving the room..



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