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Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Yesterday we had ANZAC Day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps), it is a day where we remember the people who have served our country, honouring those we still have with us and remembering those we lost in war.. I must confess I struggle with Anzac day, not because I do not want to be thankful for what these people have done, but I struggle with war altogether. The incredible loss of life, not just lost on the battlefield but also lost when people return unable to live with what they  have seen.  Normally on Anzac Day we commemorate all those lost with a red poppy.

My son was telling me last night about the other poppies of Anzac Day. The white which is for peace and the purple for the animals that served us so faithfully.  In the march yesterday there were many nations marching together honouring their dead.. It made me reflect on the indigenous people who even though it had not been that long since the arrival of white settlement in Australia, heard the call of need and put aside what has happened to them to help those in need. I have so much respect for that. I wanted to honour thier committment, for me after seeing a beautiful piece of work yesterday from the indigenous community I felt yellow for the sun was appropriate.

So I offer this prayer, the largest and foremost in mind is that we as a world may find peace, so no longer do lives need to be offered and sacrificed. I honour those who have served, all people, thankyou. I give thanks for our Aboriginal service people .  I give thanks for those animals, no way to communicate, no way to have a say, but went anyway, thankyou faithful servants.

May God’s peace spread throughout all the world.


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