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Giving thanks to God.. Luke 17:11-19 Pentecost +22 Sunday 9th October 2016



It is interesting reflecting on the 10 lepers this week. I noticed for the first time we do not know whether they were women or men young or old or how long they had been lepers for.. I am assuming they are part of the religious community because they were comfortable to go to the temple to get the OK that they were able to return to the community..(Having a skin disease which leprosy is part of meant you were ex communicated from the community to stop the spread to others, people were placed outside the city and had to let people know they were unclean as they approached. To be permitted back into the community you needed the OK of the priests that you were healed.) We hear that only one returned to say thankyou, the odd one the one who didn’t worship like everyone else. To see God to experience God’s hand does not happen for him only at the temple so he could see God working through Jesus.

I wonder about the other 9 we often look at them with disdain, how ungrateful they were.. I wonder if they were ungrateful or if they were giving thanks the only way they knew how, to go to the temple as Jesus had told them to. That is the only place that they could worship God and give thanks. I wonder too what it would be like to have to give up your family and loved ones due to illness, to intentionally stay away from them out of love and how costly that is.. I wonder if that was what they were focused on as they raced towards the temple.. Did they even notice they were healed..

It got me thinking about where I and others connect with God. I was thinking about how focused we get on what is going on that sometimes we don’t even notice when things have changed, or we get caught up in the hope of what might be that we don’t notice when it has already happened..  In all of this I think God is gracious, God knows us and sees what is going on.. I feel God laughing “will you please take a look at your hand it’s all sorted”!

May this week, you find the healing and hope you require and find your ways to be grateful for what you do notice!


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