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Don’t give up,someone can hear you knocking. Luke 17:11-19 Pentecost + 23 16th October 2016


Luke 17:11-19

This week we look at the story of the persistant widow. It is an encouragement from Jesus not to give up.. A short 7 verse story but interesting when you get into it.. The widow in that time was incredibly vulnerable, without a husband to “look after” her, she needed to rely on family and people who had a responsiblity but not necesarily a want to care for her.. It sounds like someone had done a dodgy on her and she required the help of a judge to fix the situation. This was her judge, who didn’t really care much for justice.. I wonder why he was a judge, did he inherit the role, was it expected from him? He didn’t really care for the womans situation but her persitance paid off. Everyday knocking on his door until he eventually gave up..

I was thinking about that door, the one that stops us hearing the story of injustice. I was thinking about how sometimes we can get compassion fatigue, overwhelmed by all the sufferring going on and feeling powerless to do anything about it.. For me sometimes there is also an issue of who can we trust, what information is actually acurate, can we trust what the media says to us.. You know there is always two sides to the story.. I wonder whether God has a moment of that. Before you all jump down my throat that God is all knowing, I was pondering how much there is to know I feel for God as we beg God from both sides that our football teams win.. Or that we do or don’t get the politician we want..  The judge is given a bad wrap but I don’t think that making justice happen is always easy and to try and make sense of it takes alot of work.

The one thing I noticed is that the judge did hear.. He didn’t want to hear or want to deal with it, but he did hear. If this judge hears and acts how much more will God.. Because God hears and God cares, God does not merely have a responsibilty to care but actually cares.. There is a great difference between the two. It is so fantastic for me to be loved in this way, but I know that to have this blessing is to want to share this blessing.

At times like this I often pray for the wisdom of Solomon, God help me to know what is true and what is not, help me to act justly and fairly, open my eyes to the widows plight. Guide my path in your ways.



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