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The Divine connection between us. Luke 20:27-38, Pentecost +25, Ordinary 32


Luke 20:27-38

Have you every had a discussion with someone around an issue where they think you are an absolute fool for thinking the way you do?  The sort where they don’t engage the discussion properly, but come up with these crazy way out there theories that would never happen, in their attempt to try to minimise your beliefs. I don’t know about you but I often just laugh and don’t continue the discussion because it is clear that they have already made up their mind.. But Jesus in all his graciousness (or sarcasm?) uses the weird ideas of the Sadducees that don’t  believe in the resurrection  as a teachable moment and really it must have been a fairly good teachable moment because here we are reading about it some 2000 years later..

Jesus in his response basically says the whole resurrection thing, it is going to blow your mind, it is so far outside your ability to understand, that is if your even good enough to be chosen anyway. The fascinating thing for me was this concept that God is a God of the living and  that to God even the dead are living.. I was thinking about how we get caught up so often as human beings in the details, the law, who is ok to marry who is not, who is really attached to who? But life is never that simple, families even can be so complicated, we create laws to try to bring order and yet it really is so amazingly simple at the same time.. It’s all about love, the easy and the hard of it, the good days and bad, the living and the dead.. Love helps us to see each other in the best light even at our very worst.

I tried to ponder for a moment how God might see us..  How God can see the connections between us, even when we are so different or so far away on the other side of the planet or even living or dead. God sees us with love but also sees the potential for love between us.. For me I wonder if when that day comes whatever it looks like, that magnificent power of love that is from God and is God, will blow ours minds so profoundly that all we thought before will seem pretty trivial. Who will she be married to? Who knows, when we get there I don’t think it will matter too much anyway..  I wonder what else we will be laughing about on that day?


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