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Will the real Jesus please step forward? Christ the King, Reign of Christ C, Colosians 1:11-20

img077Colosians 1:11 – 20

I have chosen the New Testament reading today but the gospel would work just as well.  It is Christ the King Sunday! The week in the Church Calender that we celebrate Christ as King.. As I read the gospel reading and then through Colosians I was reminded as to the diversity of ideas people have of Jesus as Christ the King.. Lots of them have crowns, or thrones or mystical golden crosses behind His head. Some see the true power of Jesus by what he did on the cross, some just that he has inherited the great leadership from God, some see that the power comes that God came to earth as a child, others the power came right from the beginning..

What does Christ the King look like for you? What is Jesus ruling? What does His rule look like? For me I wanted His crown to be out of daisies and to have Him dressed like a hippy carrying signs of peace, because for me Jesus being the King comes about because people choose to let Him rule thier life, because of the love and peace and hope that He offers.

As I pondered this it reminded me of someone standing in a mirror maze (yes this is what it is supposed to be!)  It is often difficult to tell which is the real person and which one, a mere reflection.. For me all the images we hold as Jesus as Christ the King is a reflection of the real Jesus King, depending on which angle you look at it from.  I think when we hold things lightly like this and realise we are looking merely at a reflection so great our mind cannot comprehend, we are able to be open to listen to each other and learn. Each time we do this we gain a new angle of which to see Jesus from and hopefully the surprise and beauty of this moves us to a deeper understanding of who Jesus is.


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