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Get Ready, be real! First week of Advent Yr A Luke 24:36 – 44


Matthew 24: 36 – 44

But about that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son,[a] but only the Father.

I often feel like this reading is a bit of a trap, no one knows when it is going to happen.. I found it interesting to notice in the reading that it wasn’t just the people but the angels and even the Son would not know when it would happen.. So the angels aren’t singing but are shocked as much as everyone else as to what is happening.. People would be there then they would be gone..

There are two things I always find interesting with end times talk, the first is the multitude of people who believe it is going to happen and they know.. I noticed myself with the whole new millennium it was easy to get caught up in the questions about it.. Now that I have safely lived through it, or maybe got left behind.. It is easy to laugh it off.  It  can quickly suck us in! As a rule this passage from Jesus means I have a clear answer, if you know it is going to happen, then it isn’t going to happen , cause surely if Jesus doesn’t know, there is a good chance God isn’t going to let you in on the act. In some ways it reminds me of impatient children, are we there yet? When is the show going to start? Maybe we never grow up. More the point is that what is really important about this passage?

Have you ever been left out of something, or found out about something after the event? It usually contains a great gamut of emotions most of which aren’t real good. I wonder if this reading is about being present and living in the moment well, sometimes we can get so caught up in what is to come or getting ready for what is next, that we miss the beautiful moment we have right now. Maybe it is being distracted by your phone when you’re having a coffee with your friend, or neglecting the dog because you are too busy, or feeling forever angry and frustrated because things aren’t moving the way we want the to. The thought of these images remind me of times when I have lost someone I loved, I recall our times of coffee and I miss them. We think of the end times as coming in a big bang but really we live it regularly with the reality of the changes in life.

So this week, as the first week in Advent, get ready by being real. Appreciate what you have in that moment and recognise the gift that it is.. You never know it might even take you to a place of gratitude in the process! I’m going to watch Star Trek with my family. See you next week.


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