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Get ready!!! Advent 2A 4th December 2016


Matthew 3:1-12

For the second week in Advent  we get to hear about John the Baptist out in the desert challenging us to Prepare the way of the Lord.. and I was thinking what does it mean to prepare the way of the Lord? It was a call by John to repent, to turn things around and get things in order with God. I wonder if part of it was to shake people out of their habits and rituals and make them think about what they were doing and what it really meant to them. How was it helping them live closer to God’s way?

It got me thinking what would John the Baptist look like in our current age, who are the prophets in the desert calling out to us to change our ways and what are they saying? The first that came to me was in Australia’s literal desert, and the Aboriginal communities there, challenging us to be more generous in how we treat those coming to Australia to seek Asylum. Then I remembered that our oceans are also considered a desert, a place with no drinkable water. Our pacific Island brothers and sisters have been challenging us with the concern for global warming and it’s effects on their homes. Then I was thinking that sometimes our cities can feel like deserts too, barren and lifeless.. and we can forget how easy it is for life to turn around in a flash and we can lose everything.. The message of John was not always liked by people, and sometimes our response to these modern day prophets can be the same..

But in all these cases we know that things are not as they could be and as a church we believe that God has answers, a vision and a way forward.. To make this happen we need to prepare ourselves ready to hear it.. What are your prophets saying to you about what you need to get ready?


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