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Whispers in the ear of Joseph, Matthew 1:18-25 Advent 4 A


Matthew 1:18-25

The only place we get to hear about Josephs journey is in Matthew. I don’t think this would have been an easy place to be. To discover the one that you were betrothed to was pregnant, as  if  that wasn’t enough, she was also claiming it was God’s. How terrible it must have been, how betrayed would he feel. I don’t know if you notice the ring fallen from his hand representing the loss of hope in a future he had been sure of..

God does not leave him here, but meets him and speaks kindly to him alleviating his fear through the voice of an angel. Joseph wakes up and is ok, it is like he now gets it.. We hear of Mary’s song, how blessed she felt in light of her circumstances, but I do wonder about Joseph. Did his heart too, sing with the joy of being chosen to be guardian to God’s son? Did his Spirit rejoice? Did he still have doubts, were there days where he looked at Jesus and wondered who he looked like? Doesn’t he resemble the guard who was hanging around at the time?  I wonder if this is  part of the reason we don’t hear much more about Joseph? Or was it just that he knew Jesus always was God’s and like a child sent away to become a priest, was never his anyway.

Sometimes the things of God I think can be hard to believe. certainly when you’re in the midst of it, it is often only in hindsight that I can see how God had moved. But I also know what it is like when I am wrestling with something then realise it is a God thing how much I relax and can just get on with it, moving with the tide.

I give thanks for the truth of which Joseph comes to us. Dreams shattered, yet heart returning open to the new possibility of God.



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