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The faith and courage of the Journey, Christmas 1, Matthew 2:13-23


Matthew 2:13 – 23

The first part of this reading is about the journey of Joseph and Mary to Egypt, another country, because it was not safe for them or their child to stay in their home land. As they set out on this path, I wonder what they are thinking? Is it a story of courage and hope, or one of fear? Where did they stay? Were they alone? How did they survive?Is the sun rising on a better day or setting on all thier hopes and dreams?

The truth is they didn’t know what really to expect maybe it was a bit of both.  I feel like Joseph took really seriously from this text to be guardian and protector of this special child. Going to whatever length it required to keep him safe. What dad wouldn’t.. How many Dad’s try to keep their kids safe, doing whatever it takes for their kids to have the best future.

I was thinking a lot about what they would have taken with them. Us going camping for a weekend requires a whole household for us to survive, how much of it is needed for the journey realistically? How much do I think I need but realistically I will be quite fine without?

The journey wasn’t just about the physical trip either it was an exercise in faith. Faith that God would provide what they needed, faith that their actions would be enough to protect the child, faith that there would be kind people at the other end who would give them a chance to be able to support their young family.

My faith journey has taken me on a new path over the last couple of weeks, it certainly hasn’t been the path I expected, but I have learnt with God not to hold too tightly to expectation. I stand with Mary and Joseph at the beginning of the journey wondering what is ahead? Will the path lead me back, I can’t assume that, what will I learn? But I step out in faith, faith that it is God who has called me here and that God is there already ahead of me, faith that there will be kind people  when I get there, faith that I will have what I need to support my family and faith that I will be able to use everything to God’s purpose.

Journey’s don’t always go where we think they will but that is not always a bad thing. Maybe it is both a sunrise and a sunset at the same time.



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