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You are called to be salt! Matthew 5:13-20

Matthew 5:13 – 20


Hi everyone,well it would seem that doodling is good for my soul and I found I was missing it terribly!! We are in the new house but the boxes are still high!!

Here is this weeks lectionary doodle, sorry for the quality next week will be back on track but thought you might like to have a look!

This one was an interesting reflection on the use of salt, how much difference it makes to good food, how it helps to preserve things and helps to keep things afloat! I was thinking about the joy and delight of someone who loves to make a great meal adding just the right amount and the difference it can make.  usually this works best in hot fluids the combination of those flames licking the feet of your pot, and the perfect addition of salt gets that bubbling stew perfect.

I sometimes wonder if as Christians we think we can just add our salt to whatever and it will make all the difference to the world. We forget that it is actually the combination of heat and great ingredients mixed with love that makes some that truly is Divine! Too much salt is truthfully disgusting and will ruin any meal, and you can go without it for health reasons but boy you really notice and appreciate it on those rare times it gets added!!

We are called people to be salt, to drop just the right amount of love and God into the world at the right time. May our task as salt and light is to be open and available to the great Chef to see when and how much needs to be added!!

As I worked on my doodle today, my colleague Rev. Miriam Parker Lacey wrote a blessing prayer to go with it..

May your week be blessed through the salt sprinkled through your life!!



salt, earth

human, breathing ,reclaiming

free gift of Creator Spirit

disturbing presence

MPL 2017


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