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Don’t worry. Epiphany 8. Matthew 6:25-34


Matthew 6:25 – 34

My daughter loves to watch the birds of the air in the morning when I drop her early to school. She told me the other day that they like to fly in figure 8’s around and around. Interestingly she also said they don’t like it when the crows are around “they tend to disappear” she says.. It would seem that there are some things that the birds of the air do worry about. Yet it is about the things that really matter, the things that can destroy you, not the things that consume you. We worry about not having enough, or how we look. I do too. But it doesn’t really matter that much, nothing can change having pot holes in my face from a dose of adult chicken pox and I don’t care enough to cover it up. Having had a life time of pimples, now pot holes and wrinkles, I have begun to love the body I live in.. Do not worry.. How much more does God love you..

This weeks doodle I wanted to offer, just take time to ponder how much God does love you. Plain and simple. Consider the beauty that helps you connect with God, maybe it is the birds of the air, or the beautiful lilies, or an amazing sunset or beautiful rainforest. Go to that place in your heart and sit a while with God, put the things that consume you down for a little while. Maybe you might want to leave them there.

Love heaps



2 thoughts on “Don’t worry. Epiphany 8. Matthew 6:25-34

  1. Hi Mitch, loving the doodles! The analogy of the birds is great, with our worries not being God’s worries. Let’s leave them behind. Walked thru a large shopping mall recently, taking in the 1st world problems on offer, thinking how simple it is what God wants for us, and how much we complicate everything else with our worldly concerns.


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