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Lovely Day, Joy and John the Baptist, Advent 3B, John 1:6-8,16 – 24




John 1:6-8,16-24

Still in the season of waiting, I have had to do alot in the last week. Waiting in traffic, waiting in shopping centres, waiting for important people to arrive and then here we are back with John the Baptist again, two weeks in a row!! More waiting!! It can be so frustrating to have to wait, don’t people know I am important and have important things to do! It has been a great reminder that in Advent it is about waiting and looking out! So I have been trying to intentionally use my waiting time for looking out and rebooting myself in those moments of frustration!

This week we are in the week of joy.. Where is Joy with John the Baptist? It’s funny the whole time I was drawing this week’s doodle I was singing Lovely Day by Bill Withers..  When I read about John and I wonder about Joy, this is what comes to mind..

The good news John was singing out about is to remind us that we are loved and held with God. Forgiven for any transgressions and everyday is a new day.. When we repent, turn around from a life of selfishness ( I want to translate that into individualistic consumerism) it gives us time and space to appreciate the lovely day we have to be part of every day..

Just one look at God and everything is alright, no matter how hard the challenge, it will be alright.. This is the joy we find as we rise out of the water, washed clean and fresh.

Then I look at you
And the world’s alright with me
Just one look at you
And I know it’s gonna be
A lovely day
A lovely day

Thanks God!


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