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What is the Sabbath for? June 3 Second week of Pentecost Mark 2:23 – 3:6


Mark 2:23 – 3:6

Is it lawful to do harm or good on the Sabbath? Our story begins with Jesus in the field plucking wheat, this was seen by the law as working which was not permitted. No form of work was permitted, it was a sacred day for God. No cooking, no cleaning, no travelling.

This reading is the reason we do not celebrate the Sabbath in the same way any more but in doing so have we lost sight of what it was all about. In a 24/7 culture where we never switch off, where it is normal to work long hours and hard, to make sure our kids are getting all they need, tutoring, music, swimming. The idea of being, keeping relationships as a priority, and making space to relax and appreciate God or even just life, is lost.

The leaders of the time had lost their way, the law was more important than the purpose. Jesus turns this around and transformed lives. I wonder whether we have lost what is important about the Sabbath. Have we filled our days in this new found freedom and become slaves in a new way? Does our Sabbath do harm or good?

What does your Sabbath look like? How do you make space for God and for relationships? What things need to wait until tomorrow?


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